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10.07.2018 08:25
LAPO Blockchain:
Hi, How to install wallet and mine on ubuntu without GUI interface ? Thanks
15.01.2019 08:48
Joe R.
LAPO Coin:
There seems to be a conflict between the LAPO wallet and Visual Studio. I have experienced this twice. After installing Visual Studio on my Win10 machine, LAPO refuses to start, and even crashes my machine shortly after login. I have had to login as a different user, and then completely uninstall VS to get my machine to start successfully. I assume this is a conflict between C++ libraries, i.e. the ones used by the wallet, and the ones that get installed with VS. Could you please recommend how I can get around this? Regards, Joe
23.01.2019 13:35
Nino Kavtaradze
LAPO Coin:
Hello, please tell me where can i exchange your tokens?